Today, I had only one item on the to-do list. Changing the B pillar inner trims because the originals were a bit worn out. To do that, the edge protectors and door seals have to be partially removed. I installed both of these few days back. This fact has caused my level of caution transforming into a solid confidence, which led to a total damage of both rear edge protectors and left rear seal.

It seems the new clips are tougher and harder than the original ones. So instead of unclipping with a satisfying click sound, the protectors just cracked. And the seal? Always, always hold and pull the seal by the “velvet” side, not the rubber. Because that is fragile as if like from paper.

I managed to change the B trims at last, however all I got out of that, are three spare parts totally destroyed, which I can trash and buy again. #facepalm