I know this post may be amusing for some but the intro is mainly for the ordinary non-BMW positives readers. So bear with me.

The E39 M5 had some pretty impressive figures, when it was launched back in 1998. And it was not only about the engine and power. The car was at the top offering for 5 series, with all attributes defining the supersedan term.

I’ve wanted one for years. For its character, V8 engine, perfect suspension, excellent brakes, performance and for the legendary build quality of E39 BMW. Some say, the E39 was the last BMW properly built. But… the car was too expensive back then, later I wasn’t lucky with my cashflow and then it was expensive again. But I got lucky. Finding the right car wasn’t easy though.

Prices on M5s have been steadily growing every year, which is an interesting aspect. However the main issue was to find a good piece with solid history. Not easy. Many cars are stored with collectors, then you have pretty expensive cars with complete history or pedantic maintenance but what you mostly find are pieces, which are falling apart or almost dead.

This site is about a car I was lucky enough to find with a help of a friend, whose buddy owned the car since 2006. An M5 that had done only 12.000 km in last 10 years. An M5 with new engine installed in 2005. The M5 I had to buy.

And here I am :).