Finally the new windshield was installed last week. Because I prefer only one BMW dealership, I had to wait for a right timeslot. But it worked out. And of course, there was a small problem…

The M5 is made in February 1999. In March 1999, there was a first update for the car. I have gone through this a while back, when I ordered a steering column trim only to find out, that it didn’t fit. Just because the column was from 3/99 update. And the same happened with the windshield.

The dealership ordered new glass based on the VIN code. During the installation however, they found out the plast cover for the rear view mirror (wiring and sensor) just wouldn’t fit. In the end we found out, that the original (broken) windshield was 3/99+ part, while the new glass is up to 2/99.

I was a bit stressed with the imagination of getting new windshield again, however the solution should be much easier. We’re going to change just the mirror cover for 2/99 parts. It should work. Hopefuly :).

But in the end, we’re good. With a new windshield, we can utilize nice autumn weather and drive. And that’s the most important fact.