In the beginning of July, we went for a trip to Austria. And what other car then the M5 should be used for this occasion, right?

My wife wasn’t exactly happy with my decision because she considers the M5 as an old and unreliable wreck, but I managed to convince her that only the M5 is the best for both highways and country roads in the mountains. The car proved me right exactly 5 kilometers from home, when a high-beam lights warning beeped on the dashboard :). I fixed that in no time and for the rest of the trip, no other error or malfunction came up.

Therefore my memories are totally positive. The memory of fully warmed up exhausts and their rumbling in the tunnels. Relaxed journey from end to end and the other E39s we met and greeted during our travels. Those few overtaking maneuvres and accelerations with massive V8 thrust. And those compliments from the hotel owner in Austria. And so on.

We have made over 1000 km with the consumption of 11,5 l/100 km, which is not bad for 18 yrs old 5.0 V8. And we made of course only a few photos, because the car was parked in the garage, while we hiked over the hills.

It was quite nice overall :).