I have already mentioned that the car went into a detailing studio for a paint restoration and ceramic coating. The CeramicPro brand is known in general for producing high quality products, so when I was about to decide how to protect the paint in the upcoming years, I didn’t hesitate too long. Of course, the ceramic application is not from a category one would call cheap, but on the other hand, the final effect is nothing but dramatic.

I must admit that I have spent some time doing research on this topic. I love to wash my cars and I like using autocosmetics and detailing products. Therefore my biggest concern was more of psychological dilemma because I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to wash and polish the car myself. I like this activity, my brain can rest and I usually spend around 5 hours cleaning the car. With the ceramic coating, most of this is gone because the only thing you are allowed to use is water or water with a kitchen detergent. Yes, detergent. The ceramic layer must not (or should not at least) get in touch with anything greasy (wax or a shampoo with a wax in it and similar) to keep its function at 100 %.

In the end I went for the ceramic coating because my friend showed me what it could do. I felt like in a TV shopping show, watching the water trying to escape from the paint, taking all dirt and dust with it. Just splashing the car with water looked like a cartoon. Only the heavy dirt, bugs, tarmac or similar have to be removed with a soapy water, then you just spray the paing and dry it with a detailing towel, especially if you have a hard or mineralized water. To prevent spots on the paint.

The car then went for the detailing wellness program, including ceramic coating. And today, I went for the last step in the process – application of a last layer called Sport. It is something like a conditioner for the ceramic layer to keep it fresh and functioning. I was told this step should be repeated at least once a year. The action took roughly two hours, during which the car was properly washed, dried and then sprayed with the Sport layer. And the final look?

As much as I love to wash cars myself, I must admit I hardly come to such a high quality result. Professionals are professionals. Now, I can only stick to a soapy water and detailing towel. In the end, it’s not that bad either.