Restoration goes on and the car recently got a new M edge trims. The plastic pieces with M logo and rubber edges.

Based on the BMW catalogue, the parts are:

  • 51472695661 – front left
  • 51472695662 – front right
  • 51472695671 – rear left
  • 51472695672 – rear right

The DIY is fairly simple. The trims are only held by tiny plastic clips with no hatches. So you only need to gently lift the plastic trim and pull up. There are 3-4 of those plastic clips. If you are worried to pull, don’t be. You can use a plastic pry tool for help, if the clips are stuck together.

To change the trims, you don’t have to remove the plastic edge protector, that covers the entry and rubber seal. It’s been removed on the photo though.