I forgot to mention one detail in my last update post. The new shifter. The M5 has a one-piece shift knob, meaning the knob itself and the leather trim for the base is one piece item. Plus, the M5 knob is illuminated showing the M logo and gears layout. After 18 years the item was showing some wear, however was fully functional. This didn’t prevent me from buying a new one though.

I’ve seen people changing the original shifter for a new M-packet piece. Not sure why – seems smaller and has two issues. The knob is not illuminated for starters. Second – it’s not a one-piece item, meaning that after installation, there is a small gap between the shift knob and the leather trim, which looks strange.

The original item has part number 25112282402 and is still available. Small box arrived few days later and I had to change it to see the progress.

The DIY is so simple I won’t be doing a separate article for that. What you need to do is the following. Using your fingers, pull up the leather trim from the base of the shifter. It will pop up and uncover the illumination cable. Disconnect the wires. Then sit on the center arm-rest console, shift into 4th and gently pull up the shift knob. You have to use some amount of power of course because there’s metal on metal safety click included. But be gentle, pull continuously, increasing the power until the knob pulls off. Mine was easy, took me only two attempts.

Then it’s only about installing the new piece. Get the knob into the place and use small punch to secure it in the lock. Don’t worry about positioning the knob, the metal lock will sort out the alignment. Then reconnect the wire and push the leather trim into the position of the center console. You need 5-7 minut maximum for this job. Getting dramatic results with minimal effort – I like that :).