Today was the day and Eisenmann Sport exhausts were installed in the morning. When I was watching the mechanic struggling to fit everything under the lifted car, I was really happy I didn’t try to do it on my own. In the end, it took one hour and a bit of swearing. But the result is great.

The issue with the installation is, that the OEM exhaust can be removed in two different ways. One – remove the bolts holding the rubber hangs, which will cause removing the heatshield too. Or two – removing the side bolts on the muffler as such, which keeps the hangs in place (including the shield), while the muffler goes off. To finish the left side, it took over 30 minutes. On The second then only 15 minutes.

The pipes with 83 mm diameter are huge. Just huge. But they will fit the rear diffusor (bumper) with no issues at all. There is still plenty of space left. So no – there is no need to modify rear bumper for the installation of 83 mm pipes.

And the sound? The mufflers need at least 500 km to become alive, however even now they produce beautiful sound from 2500 rpm and higher, when using more throttle. The noise is pure V8 rumble, yet very decent and elegant. No loud dragster-like noise, which I really don’t like.

As a testimony, here’s what my colleague wrote me: “I’m standing on the roof, talking to someone. Suddenly, I heard an excellent engine noise, so I peaked down on the street and it was you, accelerating from the intersection. Awesome!”

Yes, that’s how it should be ;).