Clearly, with the list of things to be fixed, the M5 went through some updates in fairly short time. I tried to sort some of them myself – typically to buy new tires or to fix dead pixels on the radio and dials. The experienced community members had tried to talk me out of this saying, there were community experts doing this, but I wanted to give it a try. I ordered the pixelfix kit, bought some tools, watched several tutorials and went for it. A week later I realized my efforts were hopeless and called the expert. He then fixed both displays in a week. After getting them to the M5, everything worked. Pure joy.

In the meantime, I also bought MyCarly adapter to enable my self to proceed with basic diagnostics and to support my paranoia of the car disintegrating into thousand pieces.

Even the tire purchase wasn’t trouble free. While ordering, I have misstyped one of the numbers, which lead to the inevitable – the front tires had different profile. I only realized that after a week of happy driving, when I started to dig into the sudden ABS and cruise-control error codes in the diagnostics. So I had to buy the new front set again. Well…

The M5 then went for a wellness trip to get the list of fixes done. There were some additional things that came up during the process, so at the end the list was a bit longer. However, no drama at all – the car just got everything it did need and even things it didn’t, typically new rims which I had originally planned for far future. As soon as the works were finished, the car went to a detailing studio for paint restoration. It is amazing to see the result of professional detailer and multiple polishing on an 18 years old paint. The ceramic coating at the end was just a final touch.

Although I was getting pictures during the works, I was literally shocked when I came to pickup the machine. It was the same sensation as if I was buying a completely different car. The paint was shining like a mirror in the sunlight, the engine softly purred, new rims were showy as hell, new lights were clean and crisp and the whole car was glowing. I would swear it was as happy as me.

When going back home, I was just shaking with happiness, enjoying every kilometer of the trip. And I was even more looking forward to the next updates I knew I was going to make on the car. Because truth to be told, we’re far from the end. The M5 deserves more :).