While the COVID stuff is raging outside and the weather keeps changing on a daily basis, we’ve managed to have our first drive in 2020. Three weeks ago.

The battery (last year new) went dead, which was a bit of surprise. Why? Because last month I went to put the package with oils into the trunk and everything worked without a single glitch. Now – the central locking was completely dead. I know the E39s have some permanent power consumption, yet, I was surprised anyway.

Thanks to jumpstart cables and my daily driver, the mighty S62 engine started after 5 minutes of power feeding. No issues. The traditional lifter ticking noise went away after few kilometers and we managed to drive roughly 50 kilometers around the city. Not much but at least we have charged the battery a bit. Plus, made some pictures.

Season plans

Nothing big, really. We have a regular maintenance scheduled (oil+filters change), overall check and I might consider new tires. The actual set has been on duty since October 2016 and although I don’t do any drifting or wild stuff, the thread only shows 2-3 mm. With the amount of driving I do with the old lady, I don’t really need a new set. But you never know.. a bit of rain or a sudden decision for a trip…

Also, when time allows, we will head to Auto Atelier in Liberec for the ceramic coating refresh. But that’s it. The car is in great shape, nothing needs to be changed or upgraded.

But – let’s see. I might find something, as usual. 🙂