My original list of maintenance items was relatively extensive. In the end, however, I decided not to proceed with everything but do the crucial bits (engine oil, brake fluid and cooling fluid) and follow up with the rest by the end of summer. So I bought new Motorex oils and went to the shop.

As usual, the plans are good but the reality says other things. The mechanic did all the usual fluid change. Then, upon a visual check of the oil filter for steel parts (none visible), he mentioned a stronger petrol odour in the oil, which is not a good sign. The diagnostic was clear (no lambda errors, fuel system errors etc.), spark plugs were changed 3 years ago so we landed with a theory of low fuel pressure, which could cause leakage in fuel injectors. Theoretically.

Then it was quick. We measured the fuel pressure by the pressure filter and regulator and it showed only 2 bars. Whereas the normal value is 4,5-5. Plus, the fuel regulator had a date of 2003… I went home by train.

In the end, the car got a new fuel pump, fuel filter+regulator. The diagnostic then suddenly read out a faulty aux water pump, so this got changed as well.

Well – I know that this fix may have been useless because we just relied on the nose and smell. We’ll check by the end of summer when I send the oil for analysis. Then we may end up with fuel injector checks or else. In any case, the engine feels better during startup (sharp-ish) and it’s much quicker on reactions and also getting into revs. So I’m happy. 🙂

The expert then expressed another worrying statement. That we should check and do the timing chains and also check the plastic chain leading links. But this has to wait until the end of August. We’ll take down the oil pan and check visually how the plastic looks like (cracks, parts or bits that fell in the oil pan etc.). Then we’ll decide.

And of course – the corrosion. It’s not horrible and the car is not really rusty (per se). But I do see some spots with rust development and also some bubbles in the paint. But until then, I plan to enjoy the car more than in previous years. Looking forward to it.