Yes, we’re still alive. Although nearly no posts were published during last year. One of the reasons for that inactivity is and has been COVID and lack of opportunities to do something. However, the 2021 season is on, so let’s see what we’re up to.


Last year was quite weak on opportunities and new adventures. We’ve managed to visit Austria again in August, explore some B-roads and also discover new audible element in the car. On the way back, in Germany and on unrestricted autobahn, we have come across a loud whistling sound coming from the windshield above 200 kph speed. Because the front windshield was changed 3 years ago, I can make several conclusions. One – the cas has not been traveling in those speeds (haha!), two – it must be wipers. There is no leak in the windshield, no cracking or any other sounds, so the usual suspect is the wiper set. Possibly their basic positioning.

As of October 2020, the car has been in winter sleep mode.


I woke up the old lady last weekend (after charging the battery of course), because the weather was just perfect. We are limited on traveling due to COVID, so I only took the car out for a short spin around the city. Managed to do circa 60 kilometers and during that drive also check for suspicious sounds, squeeking, ticking and anything else that could signal a problem. I have also inspected the paintwork and body for rust and bubbles, that are starting to burst and will need to get fixed. Which brings me neatly to the current maintenance plan…

Fixing to-do list

Thanks to COVID, we’re a bit late with maintenance this year. We also need to pass the regular technical and emission check (similar to MOT). The list goes as following:

  • Fluids and usuals (engine oil, air filters…), regular 1-year change, although the car has made only 2500 km since March 2020.
  • Bodywork – bubble spots visible, sometimes the major enemy – rust:
    • Jacking points and central underside.
    • Boot lid – 2 bubbles. I may end up buying a new lid. 🙂
    • Fuel filler – the traditional spot, the worst to solve obviously. I still don’t know what type of fix we’re going to go for but I’m scared already.
    • Detailed check on all body panels and crucial points of the frame, chassis and paintwork.
  • Rear shocks – check/diagnostics.
  • Front seatbelts buckle pretensioners. I have had them for over 2 years now on my shelf, so it may be the right time to install them.
  • Dismantle/mantle of driver’s seat. It has been making strange noises from the beginning and although the seat is solid, I guess it would be a good time to check anyway.
  • Front windshield whistling noise – wiper check.
  • Rear parcel shelf check and reinstallment – ticking/cracking noises on bumpy roads.
  • Ceramic coating refresh.
  • Exhaust pipes tightening – there’s a minor gas leak behind the catalytic converters.
  • Regular technical and emission check (2-year interval).

What else?

With regards to investments and fixes – not much. Most of the key components and faults have been fixed and/or replaced in last few years. I still have not touched the engine because it runs smoothly, no strange noises, bangs or ticking, no excessive oil consumption, no smoke…

When it comes to driving and usage, I’ll need to wait how the pandemic turns out in ucpoming weeks and months. Still hope to go to Austria or Italy this year but if not, we will have some driving here in Czech anyways. The question is – how much and where. Let’s see.