A year has gone by and here we are in 2022. Not much has happened to the M5 in the past 12 months and there are several reasons for that.

Last year we put some 1,800 kilometers on the car, which is not much. There weren’t as many opportunities as possible to ride and most importantly there was a lack of time.

This year it won’t be much better, as I have purchased an Audi RS3 as a daily driver that fulfils all sorts of needs. Doesn’t mean the M5 won’t get on the road, I’ll just be pulling it out only for some joy rides and special occasions. Like I have been doing so far.

But more to the point… what’s in store:

  • I had to get a new battery this year. Again. Lesson for next time – take it out of the car in the fall.
  • We’ll do the oil change during April. Probably completely unnecessary, but traditions must be followed.
  • I might have a new clutch coming in the near future, hopefully next year. The current one has covered almost 50k kilometers, and the engage point is starting to move dangerously towards the top pedal position. It’s not slipping yet, though.
  • My mechanic keeps talking about doing the timing chain, guides and Vanos seals. The original ones are from 2005 and although they have done 45k kilometers only, he says it would be worth replacing them. We’ll see.
  • And, of course, the ceramic coating needs to be refreshed at AutoAteliér Liberec.

The rest of the time the car rests in the garage where it’s collecting dust. Sometimes I wonder why I have this car at all. 😀