I pulled the car out for the first time back in May. Since I had disconnected the battery in the fall, the start was okay. 😀

Since my daily car (Audi RS3) was sold last summer, I’ve been using the company car again since last August. Therefore, switching to the M5 caused a contrast that one forgot with the RS3.

The V8 still has a zest for life, sounds great and most importantly drives like a lunatic! It totally took me back a few years when every push on the throttle brought a smile to my face.

Sure, the acceleration isn’t super crushing by today’s standards, but it’s still punchy enough to make you laugh.

The car is currently in the shop for a regular oil change (last year’s one has a horrendous 1100 kilometers), the diff oil will be changed (just for better feeling), brake fluid, coolant and filters will be done. Nothing more is needed. The spark plugs have been in the car for 6 years, but only have about 10k kilometers. The rubber parts (belts, hoses) look OK.

I mentioned the clutch last year and the condition is unchanged. It bites up top but doesn’t slip so what the heck.

I’m just wondering if I should change the tires. After all, I last bought new set in 2019 or 2020, if I’m not mistaken. The Pilot Sport 4’s are fine tires, but ever since I tried the Conti SportContact7’s I’ve had the urge to put them on the M5. The problem is they don’t make them in the rear tire size. So I’ll probably end up with Michelin again… we’ll see.