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2021 maintenance report

My original list of maintenance items was relatively extensive. In the end, however, I decided not to proceed with everything but do the crucial bits (engine oil, brake fluid and cooling fluid) and follow up with the rest by the end of summer. So I bought new Motorex oils and went to the shop.

TUV/MOT 2021

Not sure how the regular mandatory check is called in English. However, last week the car passed all the tests and emission measurement – no issues at all. Not bad for a 22 years old lady, right? 🙂

Still alive

Yes, we’re still alive. Although nearly no posts were published during last year. One of the reasons for that inactivity is and has been COVID and lack of opportunities to do something. However, the 2021 season is on, so let’s see what we’re up to.

Quickshot #24

Quickshot #23

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