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Update: new separators (+ DIY) and season 2017 closing

I found out three weeks ago that my oil separator hoses were dead. The hose has to be firm and if pressed, it has to return to its previous shape immediately. Which was not happenning with the originals. The parts arrived two weeks ago, so we went for the job.

Update: new steering wheel (+ DIY)

The waiting is finally over and yesterday the new wheel arrived. Thicker, smaller, slick and more beautiful.

DIY: additional 12V power source

These days you need at least eigthy chargers and power adapters in the car to accomodate all the machinery needed. The one and only power socket in the E39 M5 is therefore not sufficient. Not to mention the socket is a regular cigarette lighter sitting at the bottom of the center console, so whenever you plug anything there, it looks horrible. Time to solve this issue.

DIY: Back seats removal (w/ integrated child seats)

It was during the seals and edge protectors work, when I realized the rear edge protector was shaped around the back seat, plus, one of its ends was going somewhere between the seat and the backrest. While the front protectors are held in place by three plastic clips and to remove them, it’s enough to just grab plastic and pull sharply upwards, this process is valid in the back only for the straight part. The shape and ending disguised between the seats is held by a 10mm screw, which is hidden under the backrest edge. And to get access to it, I had to remove the back seats.

DIY: Climate control (and radio) panel removal

I have no ambition to provide advices on DIY because there are tons of similar DIY manuals on the Internet and YouTube. This and similar posts are going to be here just to complete the picture and also for me, as a reminder.

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