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2020 maintenance

As I was saying in the last article, current maintenance plans were quite modest. Just the oil change + filters, and of course a cross-check of vital components. All was good, no new trouble or failure, no newly identified future plans. 🙂

2020 season – started!

While the COVID stuff is raging outside and the weather keeps changing on a daily basis, we’ve managed to have our first drive in 2020. Three weeks ago.

2019 season prep

This year, the plans are quite frankly very simple. I’m gonna keep myself grounded. The reason being, I’ve managed to do everything important or annoying in the previous years. Smaller things and cosmetics will be handled on the run, so no extreme update list this year.

The car is going to go through a regular maintenance (oils, filters), overall check (ie. brakes) and maybe it’s gonna get new tyres. The current ones are from 2017 and have over 16.000 km. They still have 3,5 mm of thread, which should be enough but who knows.

I still do have some spare parts from last year waiting to be installed. Engine lower cover, few plastic trims and stuff. Plus, new battery of course, as the old one didn’t survive the winter. And of course, the car might be getting a new layer of ceramic coating at Auto Atelier Liberec.

It’s a few things anyway, right?

She’s back!

Last Friday I went to pickup the car from the service check. All things listed were done. Besides those, the car also got new drive axles as the original ones were not in the best shape.

2018 maintenance works

The car is currently undergoing few maintenance tasks:

  • Motor oil change + filters.
  • Differential and transmission oil change.
  • Filters change – air, cabin etc.
  • New spark plugs.
  • Change of the drive shaft velocity joint.
  • Rear axle silent blocks change.
  • New rear axle sway bar from Eibach (homologated version).
  • New brake hoses + brake fluid.
  • New thermostat, expansion tank and water temp sensor.
  • New oil level dipstick.
  • Geometry check + overall car check.
  • New roof molding (+ paint).
  • Fixing some cosmetic paint damages.
  • Ceramic coating refresh.

Beside that, there are some new parts coming (new seatbelts, window motor etc.), which I’m going to try replace myself. Looking forward to that.

The car should be back within 2 weeks and I’m really curious, whether the maintenace effect is going to be visible/significant. Especially the rear sway bar.

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