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Season 2019 wrap-up

This season has not seen too many kilometeres, however it was very rich on experience and memories. The car has driven only something around 900-1000 km and the odometer still shows a number below 187.000 km.

Quickshot #20

Quickshot #19

Quickshot #18

Third annual E39 Community meeting

At the of June we joined the Czech E39 Community group for their annual meeting. This year, we were accompanied by other three very nice M5s. The the company you need for a day like this.

But because the weather forecast was quite stressful (thunderstorms), we’ve spent there only few hours and headed back home. Of course, in the end, there was no apocalypse or anything like that. But – that’s how it is when you have an old car you’re trying to preserve. Better safe than sorry :).

Picture credit: MP

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