I have no ambition to provide advices on DIY because there are tons of similar DIY manuals on the Internet and YouTube. This and similar posts are going to be here just to complete the picture and also for me, as a reminder.

So, when you need to remove or replace the climate panel (HVAC unit) and/or replace radio/navigation unit, the process is roughly the following…

Tools needed:

  • 9 – torx key
  • 2 hands

Step by step:

  • Take off the main switch from the radio/navi unit. Just grab it and pull off.
  • In the newly created space under the removed switch, you will see a small hole, exactly for the torx to fit in.
  • Put the torx in and turn right (clockwise) to release a hatch, and push the screwdriver slightly to the right to create a lever.
  • The hatch is no longer holding the panel in place and its left side will slide out.
  • Pull out the radio unit and disconnect all wires. Be careful, most of the connectors have safety hatches.
  • As soon as the radio is out, just stick your hand into the empty space and use fingers to push the HVAC unit – located below – out. The panel will just pop out with almost no resistance.
  • Again, disconnect all wires and you’re done.

Getting it all back together is the same process, just reversed.