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2018 maintenance works

The car is currently undergoing few maintenance tasks:

  • Motor oil change + filters.
  • Differential and transmission oil change.
  • Filters change – air, cabin etc.
  • New spark plugs.
  • Change of the drive shaft velocity joint.
  • Rear axle silent blocks change.
  • New rear axle sway bar from Eibach (homologated version).
  • New brake hoses + brake fluid.
  • New thermostat, expansion tank and water temp sensor.
  • New oil level dipstick.
  • Geometry check + overall car check.
  • New roof molding (+ paint).
  • Fixing some cosmetic paint damages.
  • Ceramic coating refresh.

Beside that, there are some new parts coming (new seatbelts, window motor etc.), which I’m going to try replace myself. Looking forward to that.

The car should be back within 2 weeks and I’m really curious, whether the maintenace effect is going to be visible/significant. Especially the rear sway bar.

First drive this year

Freezing cold, but sunny and dry. And when my friend with an AMG coupe was very persistent about taking the cars out, I just gave up and went to wake up the car.

After nearly 4 months of rest, the engine fired up with no issues, the ticking noise from the valve positioner was gone after few minutes and after some cautious warm up, the V8 could finally breathe and shout again.

I have almost forgotten, how incredible the machine is. And the big smile it can generate any time. Stunning!

Happy Birthday, ///M!

On this day, 19 years ago, the M5 was built at the BMW factory at Dingolfing.

Happy Birthday! 🙂

Quickshot #15

February news

The 2018 has started and new season is coming. While the car has been resting in the garage since October, I’ve been doing some planning. Originaly I have outlined the restoration works a while back, but let’s have a look on this topic again now.

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