Another year went by and no new update here. Sorry! However…

The regular maintenance cycle was done in April. Although the car drove only for circa 1000 km (and I will mention that in another article, which should have been here ages ago), we went through regular oil change and filters. Plus additional checks on all major components.

Last year, I added one more item to the list – an oil pan and oil pump check. To see, whether there are any metal or – more importantly – plastic pieces from the chain guides. Good news – it’s all clean! The mechanic did not forget to mention, that it’s a terrible waste to drain such nice and “honey-like” oil. Well, of course, after only 1000 kilometres, ha!

Besides that, the car was due to get a new MOT/TUV check after 2 years, which it did. No issues or faults – nice!

Also – last year I mentioned the possibility of installing a new clutch. Well, the current one still bites at the top of the pedal, yet it does not slip at all. Considering the number of kilometres driven every year, I decided to stick with it. If it ever starts to slip, then I’ll change it.

OK, it’s the end of June and the car has been sitting since April. Summer should change that… 🙂