The 2018 has started and new season is coming. While the car has been resting in the garage since October, I’ve been doing some planning. Originaly I have outlined the restoration works a while back, but let’s have a look on this topic again now.

Right, the news. After some thorough consideration, I have made up my mind and ordered a rear sway bar from Eibach. With an ECE homologation, of course. I know I’ve been all over the “all stock” statements but after reading discussions, listening to Ryan’s VLOGs and reading his stuff, I just decided to go for it. Still, I’ve only installed Einsemann exhausts anyway so the list of mods is really short.

Of course I could also have updated the front sway bar but then the car would be too stiff and we don’t go for track days anyway.

The bar arrived in November (after 4 months of waiting) and of course the package did not contain the brackets. Which didn’t surprise me really as I had a backup plan. The Beast Power brackets were ordered today and I just hope they would arrive within 4-5 weeks, so that we manage to fit the bar during the maintenance window in March.

What’s next?

The list of March activities looks like this:

  • Oil change (engine, diff, gearbox).
  • New filters (oil, air, cabin).
  • New spark plugs.
  • New drive shaft bearings.
  • Braking hoses on all wheels + braking fluid.
  • Geometry check.
  • Fixing a ticking noise from the front wheels when turning (bearings, maybe).
  • Timing chain + guides replacement (still considering this, as it’s not needed really, while being quite expensive).

Then, some cosmetics:

  • Fixing scratches on right mirror.
  • Ceramic coating refresh.

And from the OEM parts replacements:

  • New front seatbelts.
  • Roof liners.
  • The power window motor in driver’s door.

Depending on the costs, I will then decide what to do next. Still many things to fix or improve on the M5 but as I was saying before – we still have time and there’s no pressure. At least until the OEM parts are available at BMW :).