Last Friday I went to pickup the car from the service check. All things listed were done. Besides those, the car also got new drive axles as the original ones were not in the best shape.

Additionaly, I was lucky enough to get the last right mirror that was available in BMW stock. Not sure if that’s true but it sounds cool. Well, even that kind of joy can one get, when taking 19 years old car seriously.

After the servicing works, the car went for the ceramic coating refresh, which means we should be good for the rest of the year. The coating works just fine – I saw that yesterday while washing the car. All the water was running away from the bodywork like crazy. This effect never gets old.

The car is obviously in a great shape now, however we still have some things to do. I do have several new parts to play with but this can wait for upcoming weeks or months. No rush, anyway.