This season has not seen too many kilometeres, however it was very rich on experience and memories. The car has driven only something around 900-1000 km and the odometer still shows a number below 187.000 km.

The result has been made by a deadly combination of time limitations, weather conditions and only few opportunities for a proper driving. Plus, every trip needs to be finished with a total cleanup and detailed washing, which is difficult nowadays, when I’ve lost access to a solo garage with water and detailing tools.

Nevertheless, the fewer trips I had, the more memories and sensations I got. You see, when you drive the M5 often (like 1-2/week), you get used to it. All the fun, noise, speed, power – it becomes a regular feeling. Whereas rare trips make me relive all those things again. Like as if I just purchased the car. All the excitement during cold startup (and listening for strange noises), having shivers down my spine when I open the throttle once the car has warmed up, the laughter when the V8 starts to sing.

It’s always good to remember, that this car is a wide smile generator. Once you allow the machine to show its character and the impression of a noble hooligan.

The 2019 season is over for us. See you next year!