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First drive this year

Freezing cold, but sunny and dry. And when my friend with an AMG coupe was very persistent about taking the cars out, I just gave up and went to wake up the car.

After nearly 4 months of rest, the engine fired up with no issues, the ticking noise from the valve positioner was gone after few minutes and after some cautious warm up, the V8 could finally breathe and shout again.

I have almost forgotten, how incredible the machine is. And the big smile it can generate any time. Stunning!

Happy Birthday, ///M!

On this day, 19 years ago, the M5 was built at the BMW factory at Dingolfing.

Happy Birthday! 🙂

Getting lucky

I took the M5 outside today, after a month under the cover in the garage. The weather is still rather good and I wanted some more joy for the car on the dry roads and colder climate. Of course, it didn’t take long for the punishment to come. My windshield got broken on the highway. Technically it’s not an issue, I have an insurance for that, however it will require some logistics and time planning.

On the positive note – I’m going to use the time for some other maintenance tasks on the suspension, which will save me some time in total. And that’s always good.


The PR stunt

In July, I met my long-term friend, who happens to be an automotive magazine editor. The purpose of the meeting was to finally share the M5 experience and our story with him. The results is an article at a Czech online car magazine. I understand that for non-Czech readers this might be a useless reference, however there is a ton of nice pictures included. And that could work for you too :).

The article is available here.

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Foolish goals

During my times of thinking about an M5 and later on while getting it to my garage, I have set a few rules and goals for myself. One of them was a kilometer limit driven per year – just to keep the car fresh and rare to my self. It was 5000 kilometers. Today the dials showed this, which means, that since March we’ve made 7300 kilometers already. And it’s barely half of the season! Obviously, some goals are very hard to achieve.

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