Since the beginning, I have accepted a premise that the engine really have gone only through 20.000 careful kilometers and therefore should be OK, not needing any bigger attention. The sound and run was very soft, quiet, all typical negative signs were missing (ticking VANOS units, rod bearing noise etc.). The engine was pulling nicely, no smoke, nothing. But because the M5 is infamous for severe engine failures, I am slightly affected with a little paranoia that something actually could happen. The obvious ways to identify bad signs, like diagnostics or compression test, do not always tell the truth, which does not help to the psycho terror of the owner. However, after long discussions with more experienced M5 owners in the community, I have accepted the fact, that I should not be worried too much about the engine because when something happens, I will have to sort the issue anyway. So why should I be stressed now, right?

Although the previous owner had invested into new break set, oil change,  partial paint restoration and other things, the car went through a thorough check after its arrival. This was the moment, when 2-pages item list was born and looked like this…

  • Urgent:
    • New tires needed. Michelin PS3.
    • New break set, all wheels. Previous set was OK, but very noisy.
    • New front shock absorbers. The one on the right was leaking fluid.
    • New wishbones for rear axle.
    • New differential seal. Was leaking.
    • New engine belts.
    • Wheel alignment.
  • Important:
    • Oils in engine, transmission and differential. All by Motorex, the car was used to it.
    • New wiper set, complete.
  • Other:
    • Fix – dead pixels on the dash and radio.
    • Fix – climate control, resp. heating did not work.
    • New headlights and tail-lamps. By Hella.
    • New OEM fog lights + headlight washers.
    • New Style65 rim set.
    • Paint cleaning, polishing and restoration.
    • New paint for hood and front bumper (stone chipped).
    • CeramicPro coating.
  • Future:
    • Many small things and details. On that, later on.

Although I’ve been lucky getting very well maintained car, it was clear from the beginning that I was going to spend some money on bringing it up to 100% condition. But I was ready for that already so in the end I was mostly looking forward to it, as the restoration was my initial plan. So when the spare parts hunt started and money started to flow, I was really happy. My cashflow – not so much.

Well, what can I say… dream come true :).