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New parts

Last weekend the M5 attended a small E39 Community meetup in Slovakia. We met a mechanic with another M5 and of course, we went through some checks and maintenance discussion. As a result, I got a note that my oil separator hoses are dead. Meaning – too soft, squishy, instead of being durable and firm. This, of course, resulted into a package of new parts. And because changing the hoses is not enough, I have also bought new oil separators and their housing.

Beside that, my kids have been so much playing with rear cup holders, that I had to buy a new ones. Mind you, the holder design and durability is ridiculous, all supported by 18 years of age. I hope the new pieces will have much better resistance to kids and their active hands.

So, the plan for upcoming weekend is clear. Garage playtime!

New windshield

Finally the new windshield was installed last week. Because I prefer only one BMW dealership, I had to wait for a right timeslot. But it worked out. And of course, there was a small problem…

Update: The Eisenmann exhausts

Today was the day and Eisenmann Sport exhausts were installed in the morning. When I was watching the mechanic struggling to fit everything under the lifted car, I was really happy I didn’t try to do it on my own. In the end, it took one hour and a bit of swearing. But the result is great.

The Eisenmann arrived

The waiting is over as the Eisenmann mufflers arrived yesterday. It took nearly 8 weeks because the items are made on order. Which is understandable in the case of 18 years old car. Big stainless steel boxes are georgeous, but the eye is caught mainly by the 83 mm pipes, which are just huge.

Update: lock actuator and fixing seals and edge protectors

I have noticed in the past few weeks, that the lock in the rear left doors showed a delay in its action. The lock produced a click, however the movement came a bit later. In the last 2 weeks, things got worse. The pin wouldn’t come up or down and I had to repeat the locking/unlocking sequence to get the door opened. Clearly, the actuator was just about to give up, so a replacement was scheduled.

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